Bespoke Dog Walking
We are very proud to be able to provide bespoke dog walking services to the dogs of Dublin 15, individually tailored to each dog's own needs. We do not walk in big groups as we don't believe that this is beneficial to most of our clients, instead we typically walk one dog at a time (or multiples from the same house) or sometimes if we think it would be beneficial we will carefully pair up a dog with a neighbouring dog if we deem this appropriate.

In this way, our walking clients are guaranteed lots of one on one attention like we do with our own girl, we can learn their likes and dislikes and help with basic training issues  where appropriate. All of our walking dogs benefit from having both physical exercise and mental enrichment, enjoy activities like recall practice, playing with toys, testing their basic manners skills like walking nicely on a lead and waiting patiently at roads, and LOTS of opportunity to sniff and learn how to use their amazing noses!   This really gets them using their brains during the day when you can't be there and helps in creating a happy, satisfied pooch.
Regular walking schedules run from Monday to Friday and are priced at €20/hour for one dog (or €25 for two dogs from the same house.) Out of hours walks such as early mornings, evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays may be booked if we have the availability but be sure to inquire early. These will have additional costs attached.