Who is K9 Kim?

Kim Tully is the owner of K9 Kim which was set up in Dublin in 2017.
She holds a CBTT qualification (Canine Behaviour Training Technician) from OCN and AniEd. Kim would describe her training methods as practical and evidence based and she is committed to her extensive continuous education programme to be able to offer the most effective, up to date training possible. Kim has been around dogs as long as she can remember being born into a pet mad household and she has been working with dogs professionally for over seven years.

Before setting up her own business, Kim has worked as a carer and trainer for two of Ireland’s largest animal rescue charities and meeting all sorts of dogs along the way. She has trained with AniEd in Dublin to gain her CBTT and has attended training sessions and courses with many world renowned dog trainers and authors both on and offline. ·      

Kim has competed in canicross, bikejore and scootering in small, Irish sled dog clubs since 2016. She took over as the Treasurer of Canicross Ireland during the 2016/2017 season and then took on the role of secretary in 2018. She still works tirelessly in this capacity to encourage pet owners and their dogs of all breeds and sizes to get active and keep fit together. She places a huge emphasis on this activity for both physical and mental well being and creating strong bonds between humans and their dogs. She has also experienced international competition when she traveled to the ECF European Championships in Italy in 2017 as the Irish team manager.

Kim currently shares her house with her active ten year old Siberian Husky, Yoshi and a host of other small animals, 13 year old chinchillas, rescue African Pygmy hedgehogs, giant african snails, and 7 rescue guinea pigs. She also uses her love and experience with small animals to  provide a bespoke small animal boarding service in her own home in Dublin 15.

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